So my fiancé and I are getting married on March 22, 2014 and we aren’t a lovey-dovey, kissy, smushy couple so we are doing things a little differently. One of the things we aren’t doing is taking engagement photos. So, to make up for that, we came up with something a little more…us. It’s in the works so stay tuned for that! But getting on to Femshep… Our “In-the-works project” has something (a lot actually) to do with mass effect. That and NYCC 2013 led me to create my newly finished Femshep!

There are tons of WIP shots you can find on my facebook page and also more shots from this photo shoot on my flickr. I’ll write up a proper post documenting my work (and the amazing worbla!) but for now I couldn’t wait any longer to get these awesome photos that Dhareza.com took. Enjoy!

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New York Comic Con 2012

I wanted to create a blog literally months/years ago and am just now finally doing it. I had hoped to begin with in-progress posts on the two costumes I created for New York Comic Con 2012, but I got too busy while making them. Better late than never…

I decided to remake Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn, which I wore at NYCC ’11. Dhare also needed a costume and he wanted to be Shepherd from Mass Effect, so I said “Yup”, I’m all over that! Even though I had no idea what I was doing, my goal was to finish for comic con and I was very determined. Starting perhaps a bit too late and giving myself almost no time, I set out to begin a month before the con… I wish I had taken more progress shots of Shepherd as it would have been really cool to see more of the process.

I started with Harley first and decided I wanted to conquer duct tape. This time, I really studied her, gathered many references and collected all the proper hardware I needed. Last year I just quickly threw a costume together using duct tape. I was happy with it then but always knew I could do much better. I wanted to create a replica costume as close to the game version as possible.

You can find the full tutorial on how I made my duct tape Harley Quinn costume on my flickr profile and more photos on my facebook page.

This is the corset after I had finished wrapping myself in duct tape. I very carefully had Dhare help me cut if off and then finished cutting the pattern out. You can see the lines of boning I put inside a layer of duct tape.


Base layer of corset.

The corset is almost completed here. You can see some of the construction of the straps and hardware here.


Detail shot of the finished red tape layer

The completed corset took me about a week (working on and off) and I was very happy with the results.


Back of finished corset


Front of finished corset

The skirt is a long piece of “duct tape cloth” I made and then gathered every eight inches to form pleats. I sewed some duct tape belt loops on and added heavy duty velcro for the enclosure. I probably spent a couple of days on the skirt.


Finished skirt

The boots are made from a pair of cheap over the knee wedge boots that I found on Amazon. I covered them in one layer of duct tape and then added the black duct tape details as well as some gold hardware. I made them the morning of comic con because I ran out of time! Anyway, mission accomplished!


Finished boots

We had such a fun time at comic con last year. I’ve already started planning which costumes I want to do this year and can’t wait for NYCC ’13 and hopefully some other cons/events!


Wonder Woman and Batman vs. Harley!


Being interviewed Day 2 of NYCC


Photo by Dhareza Maramis. http://www.dhareza.com

Photo by Senén Llanos. www.senecito.com

Photo by Senén Llanos. http://www.senecito.com

Now this was something entirely new to me. I hadn’t ever done anything involving armor making except the cardboard Master Chief chest armor I built last year. However, I never finished it and eventually just threw it away as it was taking up precious real estate in my studio apartment. I love anything that I can make with my hands and am willing to attempt anything so I started gathering as many references as I could and poured myself over forums and blogs. There are so many great references on the web… I really found a lot of helpful and inspiring information, especially on therpf.com, 405th.com and Evil FX’s blog. But even with all the info I found, since this was something I had never done before, I knew I just needed to dive in.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many WIP photos as I had so little time to make this costume. By the time I finished Harley, there was a week left before the con and I spent every waking moment (literally!) on Shepherd. I ate, slept and breathed Shepherd for a week of my life. But I DID finish and have never felt so accomplished. You can find more pics on my facebook and flickr pages.


Ahh, the beautiful mess in my tiny studio apartment 🙂 I don’t mind because I love it! Everything is getting painted up here.


This is some of the EL wire I used to light the bottom and some of the top portion of the back piece. Super lightweight, this was a battery run pack. The only annoying this about it was the high pitched ring it seemed to make. Good thing you couldn’t hear it in the Javits Center! I also used a strand of mini xmas lights on the back piece.


The chest piece all assembled and glued together. After walking around at the con all day, Dhare’s mobility was a bit limited so next time I will probably change a few things and separate pieces for easier movement.


We of course had to get mini versions of our costumes. Here’s mini Shepherd. I need to make that Omni-Blade…it’s just too damn cool!


Shepard needs to hydrate too…

Shepherd and Harley

Photo credit to Owen Long. www.olong.squarespace.com
And one of us together 🙂 Never mind that I didn’t get to finish Shepherd’s boots in time for the con…

Hope you enjoyed seeing these costumes. I’m going to be started a new costume this month and detailing it here and on my Facebook page.

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